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Data Management Systems

Web-based interfaces to manage your data. From simple data collection and reporting to complex interdependencies and reporting to multiple entities we can build a system to handle your data. Have an older system that needs to be modernized? We do that too!

Our Toolset


The Care Coordination Data System (CCDS) is the core of our data system to support crisis lines. CCDS is a HIPAA-compliant solution that allows your staff to collect necessary data to support your crisis line services. CCDS supports reporting of HIPAA and non-HIPAA format files to payors.

ETRR Translator

Geared for Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) in Washington State who are used to receiving ETRR files from ProviderOne to import into their data systems. The ETRR Translator will take a custom response file and generate an ETRR file.


A web-based interface to manipulate a variety of file formats into other formats.

  • X12 format <=> delimited file types;
  • replacing values within files;
  • and more.

A growing toolset as customer needs arise.

Data Management Services



The Care Coordination Data System (CCDS) is an online application primarily geared for crisis lines. Yet, it is easily adaptable to other entities who need to collect and report client data.

Whether it be HIPAA transactions or some other supplemental data formats, we can perform the transformations on your data to successfully report to other trading partners.

The Care Coordination Data System (CCDS) was built - from the outset - to be flexible in its ability to collect and report data for the public behavioral system in Washington State without the overhead and complexity of an EHR.

We believe you should not have to buy and maintain a cargo ship to transport a pack of gum.

We can fly through the loops, segments, and envelopes (oh my) of the HIPAA Transactions:

  • ANSI X12N EDI Transactions
  • 270/271 – Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
  • 276/277 – Health Care Claim Status Request and Response
  • 278 – Health Care Services – Request for Review and Response
  • 820 – Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products
  • 834 – Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
  • 835 – Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
  • 837 – Health Care Claim: Professional
  • 837 – Health Care Claim: Institutional
  • 837 – Health Care Claim: Dental

In Washington State, Behavioral Health Agencies (BHAs) need to collect and report supplemental data on the clients they serve to a variety of entities.

Whether you need to report data to an ASO/BHO/MCO or HCA, we can safely and securely report the data to the right trading partner.

If you do not already have a data system to collect and report the supplemental data, our system can collect and report that data.

Most business have a need for a database.

Most all businesses gather data. However, most of them do not keep the data in a structured format that they can use to query or run analytics.

Use our 20+ years of experience in working with databases to your benefit. Primary experience is with the public behavioral health system in Washington State. We have been working with HIPAA transactions since 2003 and are well versed in their use. This experience also translates well into other industries that use the X12 standard transactions for data transfer. We can help your organization share data with other entities using standardized batch formats as well as provide specific technical documentation on database systems and batch transaction formats.

Even if you do not need a complex medically driven database system we can help. Small or large jobs, size doesn't matter. If you have a need to manage your data, drop us a line.

Marketing Websites

Our founder and CEO has been building websites since the early days of the WWW. We believe in creating responsive and accessible websites.

MSWhite & Co.

Businesses, social programs, clubs, and more need a way to promote themselves. Traditional advertising can be expensive and hit-or-miss. Having a website of your own allows you to get your message out to your target market. MSWhite & Co. can build a website for you.

Skagit SEO

A new offering - so new our website isn't even finished yet - is Skagit SEO. Having a website is a necessity. It doesn't do much good if people cannot find you. We can optimize your website for search engines so that your website will be found by your ideal client.

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